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Wake Park
$ 10.00
Includes a liquid forced life jacket.
Paddle rental
$ 10.00
Learn to ride in less than 15 minutes. Includes Board, Vest, Helmet and Wetsuit.

Max capacity: 1 person
Wake Park Lessons
$ 15.00

Ready to go sailing the right way?  Take a ride in our jetskis and enjoy of the nature that paracas bay.
$ 240.00
Provide supervision to be able to improve and feel secure in the sea.

Includes support, rescues and tips. For 1 person.
$ 20.00
We provide both paddle classes and paddle rentals.


Includes a wetsuit and personal attention from a qualified instructor.

1 Hour = Able to stand up and navigate small distance
	2 hours = You are ready to go! Do turns and long distance

Paddle Lessons
$ 20.00
Available for two persons, includes gas,wetsuis and instructions.




Jet Ski
$ 30.00
Have fun with your crew the best way and learn kitesurfing.

For 3 people.

Includes wetsuits, equipment, lessons and rescues.
Kite-Surf Semi Private Lessons
$ 50.00
3 Hours

Control the kite hook into the harness understand and use the de-power system advanced kite control with de-power kite self land recover the bar and kite Start water with body dragg

6 Hours. 

Enter and exit the water independently and safety water re-launch kite Change direction of the kite while body dragging Know the power stroke for stand up in the board fast review of board and harness position in the first our Water start with the board

10 Hours

Control riding speed start from both sides Self launch



Kite-Surf Private Lessons
$ 60.00



Kite rental
$ 70.00
Speed Boat with a capacity of 8 passengers. It gives you the possibility to explore and enjoy all the marine life that Paracas can provide. In the other hand, you are also able to adapt a “ Banana tube” for fun! Enjoy the view and have fun at the same time.

Includes gas, pilot, vests, wetsuits and wakeboard. Banana tube optional.
Speed Boat
$ 140.00

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